Okay so I’ve wanted to do one of these for a long long time and have finally got round to it! All of these people are nearly as awesome as my pet Dalek Terry there, so that’s pretty darn awesome indeed. Before I start, I’d just like to say a few words… *ahem*…

All of these people are amazing and you should follow them too. That’s a given. :D But they are also people who make my Tumblr experience just so fun and wonderful either by being awesome friends, fantastic fangirling accomplices, or simply fantastic blogs that make me drool every time I look at them. Some of these people I’m quite close to, some of them I talk to a little bit, some of them I’ve never really talked to because I’m an awkward person and the fabulousness of their blogs intimidates me. But there you have it. :P

I’d finally like to say that all of these people come from different fandoms, and different parts of different fandoms; some of them like things/characters that I don’t like, and some of them dislike things/characters that I do like. But that doesn’t matter, because everyone has differences and it doesn’t mean that people still can’t share the things they do like and have in common. I find that that’s the beauty of Tumblr.

All of these people are different, but they all have one thing in common: they are all jaw-droppingly amazing people with jaw-droppingly amazing blogs that I could never ever ever stop following forever and ever amen. :D

So I’m gonna shut up now and get on with the damn thing already okay? :D Now I’m gonna try get these in alphabetical order but if it doesn’t work I blame Tumblr because there’s no organisation to the following list at all, it’s completely random and that’s stupid. Anyway, without further ado blah blah blah…

A - a crazily quality blog that for some equally crazy reason is following me back, my wife/bestie/sister/mo fo whore, the first blog I ever followed on tumblr so basically my first tumblr love

B- a blog that is simply beautiful, 'fro boy otherwise known as ryan

C - one of the most lovely, genuine, caring and tragically modest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing (please believe all I tell you, Jenni!!!)

D - the awesome twin who shares my name

F - her URL is simply fabulous

G - another simply beautiful blog that takes my breath away (go click on her ads - no more than once a day mind - because she needs and deserves les monies), a ridiculously awesome person with an awesome blog who is following me back for some insane reason and who made me rediscover my love for carper, flawless personified, yet more flawlessness, finally someone who seems to love top gear as much as me, I can’t without the amount of heartbreaking doctor/rose that appears on this blog

H - an insanely brilliant blog that gives me my regular needed dose of meryl streep, there are not words for how big a Lamorna fan I am

I - Queen of River/11, unicorn-penis gifs and other wonderfully crazy things like that, don’t get me started on how much I love Ellie

K - An insanely lovely person who deserves to smile every minute of every day, one of those insanely brilliant blogs that intimidates me

L - There are not words to sum up Kayleigh, so I’ll say ‘simply the best’, gorgeous blog with added gingerness, Nicole is just wonderful okay?

O - Just when you think her blog can’t get anymore awesome and beautiful, she adds some more awesome and beautiful because she’s wonderful like that

R - The nurse with a penchant for torturing fictional characters

S - She recced one of my fics and I’ve been in love ever since, Alex is Alex and his poetry makes me want to commit suicide because it’s so freaking quality

T - The one who made me feel so welcome in the Castle fandom, perfect blog is perfect, a lovely person with an equally lovely and brilliant blog, Ruth is just incredible and her fics just asdfghjkl

V - Someone else with an intimidatingly quality blog who also helped me to rediscover my love for carper

W - One of the best human beings I know and there are not words for how much I love her, flawless flawless flawless flawless with a little added flawless

Y - Another simply gorgeous blog

And there we have it! All done!! Now all I have to say is that I love every one of you to pieces and also give you hugs.

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